Outreach and Missions

We Give Thanks that We Are Able to Help Others
It is a great blessing and a privilege that our congregation uses our gifts not only for ourselves within the four walls of our church building but to also share our varied gifts throughout the local community and the entire world.

Why do we share our gifts? Because we have been commissioned to do so by Jesus. We are sent out into the world to be the arms and legs of Jesus spreading the Gospel and helping those in need. 

“As the Father Has Sent Me, Even So I Am Sending You.” (John 20:21)

Here are just some examples of how our congregation shares our gifts:

Little Zion Preschool
LCMS District and Synod Missions
Master’s Manna Food Collection
Women in God’s Service & Quilting Projects
Wallingford Holiday for Giving – Toys
Donation of Worship Materials
Orphan Grain Train Projects
Birthright Donations
Scarecrow Festival – The Sister’s Project
Easter Baskets
Servant Projects
Ukrainian Refugee Project
In a Heartbeat
Other outreach and mission projects

Acknowledgement regarding donations for Ukrainian refugees:
Garry Thies, LCMS Mission Central: “I know the Lord Jesus sent you to provide in this special way. It’s one of the greatest things your congregation could do.”
Matthew Harrison, President LCMS: “Love one another,” was Jesus’ commandment to his disciples. You are doing just that through this gift, and other acts of selfless sacrifice you make for the sake of the Gospel message. Even in financially challenging times like these, you are confessing your trust and faith in Christ alone.”